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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Initial visits, either in-home or by video, are $185 for the first visit and $100 for subsequent visits.

Each initial visit includes 2 weeks of unlimited email or text follow up.

I offer a sliding scale and lower WIC and Molina/Apple Health rates. Please just ask! 

Do you accept insurance?

I partner with The Lactation Network and can accept many Cigna PPO, Blue Cross PPO, Anthem PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Regence, and Premera plans. I am unable to accept Molina, Kaiser, or United at this time. I offer a sliding scale for those with different or no insurance and are unable to afford my rates. Please click here to check if I can take your insurance for payment in full. 

What are your hours?

My general hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm.

I am usually available on Sundays from 8am-noon as well.

Most of my new clients need to be seen within 24 hours and I do my best to make that work. Please just ask. 

I think everything is going well. Do I need to see you?

You don't need to see me unless you have questions or are in any discomfort. If breastfeeding is going well so far, that's wonderful! I'm really happy for you. Feel free to reach out if anything changes. I'm here to help.

I heard that breastfeeding hurts and I just need to toughen up. Is that true?

No. Please don't suffer. Just because your friend or mother in law had a tough time, doesn't mean you have to!
If breastfeeding is causing you pain, please reach out. Realistically, breastfeeding isn't going to be all unicorns and rainbows for every mom, but I can help ensure it doesn't hurt you.

Can you help me with bottle feeding?

Yes! I'm qualified to assist in all areas of baby feeding. I can help you navigate exclusive pumping and feeding breastmilk by bottle, or combo feeding with formula.

I think I need to switch to formula. Are you going to judge me?

I absolutely won't judge you. My job is to support you. I will happily help you figure out what options work best for you and your baby.

I will be going back to work soon. Can you help?

Yes! Going back to work can be stressful and I'm here to lead you through the process. I can answer all questions related to encouraging a baby to take a bottle, navigating pumping at work, breast milk storage, night feeding, and everything in between. Back to work consults offered at a discounted rate.

I'm currently pregnant. Can I meet with you?

Congratulations! I'd love to speak with you and answer your questions. I'd be happy to chat by zoom or phone as a complimentary service. I welcome calls from partners as well. Breastfeeding can be a team effort.

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